teoriya 30th Anniversary
30th Anniversary
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“World of Weaving and Handcraft” event
Under the auspices of Embassy of Sweden and co-sponsored by VÄV MAGASINET & Teoriya, Teoriya 30th anniversary event “World of Weaving and Handcraft” was held at the special conference room of Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Convention Center) on May 9th ~ 10th in 2008.
This event was planned to express our gratitude to many people who long supported us, by offering the chance to get in touch with real weaving and handicraft of Sweden, the best place of craftsmanship. We made it come true in cooperation with the VÄV MAGASINET, the professional journal of dyeing and weaving in Sweden. 2500 people in total visited us in 2 days.
Japan debut exhibition of Swedish weaving artists was held along with their seminars and workshops. We also had hands-on Swedish craft making corner in which so many people wanted to have a try and Sweden Weaving Cubes that showed various textiles of Sweden.
Swedish Weaves
Eva Ek-Schaeffer
A textile artist who represents the present world of Swedish weaving. Her highly-qualified tapestries in artistry and creativity are exhibited in public facilities and museums in Sweden. She is also highly evaluated in the USA.
Ingela Berntsson
A textile designer and a painter. Produced designs for Klässbols and Östergötlands and now the chief designer of a linen brand, Växbo Lin.
Barbro Lomakka
A unique textile artist who changed her course from performing arts to the field of ” space & weaving”. She pursues functionality in weaving such as acoustic effect as well as designing. She makes her works with felt made in Sweden.
Teoriya is one of the rare shops specialized in weaving equipments. We support your handicraft.